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Keeping the studio safe for everyone

Looking after your health

At RBB, we’re serious about working out, and about keeping you healthy! While the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, we have protocols in place to protect our members, trainers, and visitors.

We need everyone to follow these protocols – no exceptions!

Make sure you read through all of the info below, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Our COVID-Safe plan

Our COVID-Safe plan has been developed in line with state and federal government requirements, and in alignment with advice from Fitness Australia. Our plan includes:

  • Temperature testing members as you enter the studio
  • Regular deep cleaning of the entire studio
  • Sanitising all equipment
  • All team members completing infection-control training
  • Providing hygiene equipment for members
  • Pre-setting the studio for every class, in line with the ‘one person per 2 square metres’ rule

What you need to do

We need all members to follow a few simple rules to keep everyone safe. Please follow the directions of team members and read the signs around the studio.

  • Bring your own towel and booty bands – these will no longer be provided. You must bring your own towel to use during the workout, or you will not be able to train. You must also bring your own towel if you want to use the shower. We have towels available if you forget to bring your own.
  • Use hand sanitiser upon entering the studio, and after using the bathrooms, and wash your hands regularly.
  • Use the cleaning products to wipe down your benches and weights after class.
  • Book in for your classes – walk-ins will not be allowed to train, as it is more difficult for us to keep track of who was in the studio.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class – this will give us time to check you in and for you to get set up.
  • Please note: You will not be able to train if you miss the warm-up. The warm-up is designed to make sure you can work out safely. In addition, the trainers need to be able to check you in properly in line with our COVID-Safe plan, and they can’t do that if you are late.

Please cancel your booking and join in from home if:

  • You or a member of your household is unwell and has symptoms related to COVID-19 (including fever, coughing, sore throat, or sneezing)
  • You have had contact with anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19.
  • Anyone in your household is self-isolating (for example, because they have travelled recently).
  • If you have recently travelled to a declared COVID-19 hotspot and you have not self-isolated and you have not returned a negative test result.
  • If any of the above apply to you, you MUST be medically cleared before being allowed back into the studio.

Quick Checklist

To stay safe and healthy, here’s a quick checklist of things for you to remember when training in the studio.

  • Book your spot on MindBody
  • Pack your own towel
  • Pack your own booty bands
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class
  • Cancel if you or a member of your household is unwell and/or is self isolating
  • Cancel if you’ve had contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Cancel if you have any symptoms of illness
  • Use the hand sanitiser in the studio
  • Wipe down your equipment before and after use
  • Only exercise in your designated space and with your own equipment
  • Maintain at least 1.5m distance between you and others

Keeping you safe during class

In line with Queensland Government regulations, we are keeping to the ‘one person per 2 square metres’ guideline. This means classes are capped at a lower capacity of 34 spots (smaller for Athletic) and booking is essential. Two trainers will be present and assist with class check-in, and demonstrate options for those in the studio or playing along at home.

If you need to leave class early, you can do so at the halfway mark for our 5.15am classes (ie, 5.45am). For all other classes, you must stay the whole class to ensure we comply with government regulations. 


Childminding is available during 9am classes. You must book your child/children in on MindBody. The booking window will close 12 hours before class i.e 9pm the night before. There will be no exceptions to this booking rule. Childminding will be $5 for one, and $2.50 for every subsequent child after that.  

Personal Training

If you’re also one of our PT clients, the same guidelines will apply as for classes. Children can be in the studio with you while you train. 

Trainers must still maintain physical distancing and we will clean all equipment between each client.

We know this is a lot to remember, and there has been a lot of change lately – so thank you for sticking with us and your fitness journey! We are all in this together! If you have any questions, please reach out. 

Email: [email protected]