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At Raw by Bek, we are more than a fitness studio. We pride ourselves on the community we have established and, more than anything else, want this to be a place where you feel safe, accepted and welcomed!

We offer childminding at all 9am weekday classes, a shower and beauty bar facility to freshen up post-workout, and a workout designed to make you work harder, have more fun, and get better results – without you even realising it!

Come in for a visit! The RBB Studio is located at 1391 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt


Providing HIIT group training sessions like no other.


  • RBB Athletic
  • RBB Burn
  • RBB Cardio/Core
  • RBB Cardio/Strength
  • RBB Low Impact
  • RBB Restore
  • RBB Shred
45 min

RBB Athletic

This program trains power, speed, and agility – all the things an aspiring athlete needs to be the best! Whether you’re looking to just improve your fitness or you want to improve your game, this class has options for everyone.

  • Improves speed and agility 
  • Targets the entire body
  • Ignites metabolism
  • Enhances fat loss
  • Ignites the after burn

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45 min

RBB Burn

Prepare to burn! Maximising the efficiency of all 3 energy systems, this class is designed to push you to your cardiovascular limits! Utilising intervals, plyometrics and body-weight movements with plate weights, prepare to accelerate fat loss, increase muscle performance and redefine the way you look at cardio, all whilst giving you the ultimate calorie burner.

  • Enhances fat loss
  • Increases anaerobic capacity
  • Ignites metabolism
  • Dramatically improves fitness
  • Ignites the after burn

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60 min

RBB Cardio/Core

Commencing with a fast-paced 30min workout that focuses on High Intensity Interval Training, the session utilises bodyweight movements that tap into the anaerobic threshold, get the blood pumping and set your heart-rate on fire!

RBB Core is the perfect addition to your strength training regime. Properly building up your core cranks up the power, enhances balance and dramatically improves stability. In fact, a strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do. Partnered with 30min HIIT cardio training, this Cardio/Core double will set your lungs on fire and chisel your waistline, all at the same time!

  • Ignites fat loss
  • Targets the deep muscles of the body
  • Improves pelvic stability
  • Aids in injury prevention and recovery
  • Improves balance

Find and book your next RBB Cardio/Core here!

60 min

RBB Cardio/Strength

RBB Cardio uses your own bodyweight to test your limits. Say goodbye to monotonous hours of trudging on a boring treadmill. Class kicks off with 30 minutes of fast-paced, body burning cardio that focuses on High Intensity Interval Training. Utilising bodyweight movements that tap into the anaerobic threshold, this session promises to get the blood pumping and send your heart rate through the roof!

RBB Strength is strength training with a difference! Tapping into the science of fat loss and muscle preservation, the back half of the session is designed to alter the composition of your body! Utilising all planes of motion through the use of barbells, plate weights, steps and more, this is the ultimate training session to smash through all fitness barriers.

  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Targets the entire body
  • Ignites metabolism
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Ignites the after burn

Find and book your next RBB Cardio/Strength here!

45 min

RBB Low Impact

Ideal for pre- and postnatal mums, those unable to jump, or simply as a ‘lighter’ option to other classes, RBB Low Impact incorporates 45mins of light cardio, core, balance, resistance, and stability exercises designed to keep you safe and rebuild your body, ensuring you get a big workout minus the impact!

  • Low impact, big burn
  • Targets the whole body
  • Tailored to suit your needs
  • Increases core strength and balance

Find and book your next RBB Low Impact here!

45 min

RBB Restore

Whether you’re just getting back into exercise, or you do multiple high-intensity classes a week, RBB Restore is for you! It’s designed to work stability, flexibility, and mobility to get your body moving properly, helping to prevent injury, and improve technique in our other classes. Expect a series of targeted core exercises before we move into stretching and mobility work, and finally finish with some well-earned relaxation. This is the class everyone will enjoy!

  • Increases range of movement
  • Aids in injury prevention and recovery
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Increases core strength
  • Promotes mindfulness

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45 min

RBB Shred

So you want to get lean, fast? Shred is the class for you! Expect a high-energy workout where we alternate between heavy lifting and heavy cardio, so you’re tapping into different energy systems at the same time. We’ll strengthen your whole body, while at the same time improving your cardiovascular fitness. There’s something for everyone in Shred!

  • Ignites metabolism
  • Improves strength
  • Encourages protein synthesis
  • Activates the after burn

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All our memberships offer the following:
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  • Workshops & seminars
  • Community & social events

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