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The Science

The Science of the


RBB will motivate you to achieve your goals, transform your body, and improve your health!

RBB is about burning the maximum amount of calories (specifically fat calories) possible during a workout. It is also about generating a metabolic “ripple” effect that will burn fat for many hours after the workout.

This sounds like marketing hype, but it’s exactly what research has shown is possible and what HIIT attempts to produce. If the workout is done with sufficient intensity, and the diet is in-line, it can even ignite fat burning for days.

Along the way, you’ll gain strength, reduce your risk of chronic health disease, and improve your cardiovascular performance – all while having fun working out to your favourite music!

What is HIIT and why should you do it?

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In simple terms, it is exercise broken into short intervals of high intensity exercise (such as 45sec of high knees) broken up with short periods of recovery (such as squats – that assist in toning and strengthening). In doing so, your heart rate gets nice and high (80-95% of your maximum heart rate), then you get a short rest. These short sets of explosive exercise are repeated only a small number of times, meaning that even in a short class, you can get amazing results. Pair these intervals with music, and you’ll find yourself working harder, having more fun, and getting better results in less time!

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So what exactly does HIIT to the beat do?

And should you do it?

Much more than just an exercise, HIIT has some amazing health benefits. Including:

  • An improvement to your cardiovascular system. Pair this with working to the beat, and these types of workouts will strengthen your heart and reduce your resting heart rate, making you feel and be fitter every second of the day.

  • Burning body fat up to 9 times faster by increasing your metabolism, even when you’re resting. After a session, your metabolic rate will speed up, and be boosted for up to 48 hours after your class.

  • Improving lung capacity, to make exercising easier (and even more fun) over time.

  • Time saving: Studies found that 2.5 hrs of HIIT training produced similar muscle changes to 10.5 hours of endurance training and similar endurance benefits. Um, YES PLEASE!

  • Maintaining muscle mass: HIIT will use fuel stored as fat in your body, rather than muscle, thus designing a lean, fit physique.