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Bek Strachan

Head Trainer & Founder
She's the Bek in the RAW

Meet Bek

Bek is the founder of Raw by Bek (also known as RBB) – Australia’s first HIIT-to-the-beat workout experience. With what started as an idea and little fitness class operating out of a hired gym space, Bek took her to-the-beat workouts and has turned them into a thriving in-studio and online group fitness community that is sweeping the nation, and world. 

A bundle of energy and zeal for life, Bek has set out to dramatically change the fitness industry and the way people think about exercise. She has done this through creating fun, inclusive workouts that focus on community and support, all whilst working out to your favourite music in an electric atmosphere. 

A finalist for Brisbane’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 and 2021, Bek is not only shaking ground in the fitness industry, but also in the business world, and is passionate about helping others take a dream and make it a reality through hard work, education, surrounding yourself with the right people, and going for it! 

Bek has spoken at multiple events and has been interviewed for podcasts and online platforms across the world. Her favourite topics are being a woman in business, having a dream and going for it, and helping women realise their true worth and value through looking after their bodies. 

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Mel Loy

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Mariah Dawes


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