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RBB Fitness Studio Australia's first HIIT-to-the-beat Fitness Studio Learn More Experience The RBB Effect RBB will motivate you to achieve your goals, transform your body and change your health!


We are Australia’s first HIIT-to-the-beat workout experience, that is not only super fun, but also gets you killer results, fast.

Come in and experience the RBB effect today...

The RBB Method

You love moving your body, but sometimes kinda hate working out? Or maybe you’ve already caught the fitness bug, but are finding your current workout routine monotonous and boring? We have good news – your workout routine is about to get the shake-up it needs!

What is...

HIIT to the beat

Think short, sharp intervals of highintensity, gasping-for-air work, followed by lower-impact sets that allow your body to recover…only to go again in almost no time at all. But what makes this sort of training different? Every single workout is paired to your favourite music!

As you workout to the beat, your body moves better, but you work harder without even realising it.


You have more fun, and end up getting better results, in less time. That’s what we like to call the RBB effect.

Are you ready to get out of your

Comfort Zone

RBB is a fitness studio providing highly effective, body transforming, ‘give me more’ feeling classes!

Insane Results
Proven method that gets results, fast!
Studio Classes
Catering for all fitness levels, a fully comprehensive timetable of cardio, strength, core and stretch classes.
Anywhere, anytime
Stream your favourite RBB workouts and stay motivated when and where you want with RBB Online. You’ll never run out of new workouts!
Child Minding Available
All weekday 9am classes offer child-minding, so you can enjoy you workout knowing your bubbas are looked after!

3 classes for $3!

Come in and experience the RBB effect today!

Working out to the beat …

With something for everyone

Our entire workout program is designed to give you everything you need in your week – cardio, strength, core, balance, and stretching. And yes, everything is to-the-beat. But don’t worry, we will simplify the entire experience, coaching you through every step of the way, to ensure you workout feeling safe, supported, and confident before, during, and after your workout. 


RBB will motivate you to achieve your goals, transform your body, and improve your health!

RBB is about burning the maximum amount of calories (specifically fat calories) possible during a workout. It is also about generating a metabolic “ripple” effect that will burn fat for many hours after the workout.

This sounds like marketing hype, but it’s exactly what research has shown is possible and what HIIT attempts to produce. If the workout is done with sufficient intensity, and the diet is in-line, it can even ignite fat burning for days.

Along the way, you’ll gain strength, reduce your risk of chronic health disease, and improve your cardiovascular performance – all while having fun working out to your favourite music!

Join us today! 3 classes for $3!

Feel the rhythm and see your life TRANSFORM


  • I have met and made some amazing friends at RBB and they will be friendships I will hold onto forever. Thanks Bek for listening to me and taking me on this journey!

  • I have been very fortunate to be training with such supportive people and gaining in my fitness and RBB energy along the way! I am just about to turn 50 but feel like a 30 year old!

    Feels like 30!
  • I am constantly inspired by the trainers and the RBB community each and every time I train. It’s the first gym I’ve been to where I feel excited to come back day after day. 

  • I absolutely LOVE RBB, its’ community, and the epic dance parties that start off my mornings… RBB is my playground. RBB is my home.

  • The community is phenomenal and the RBB team is even better!

    The proof is in the fact that people don’t drop off after the first week or two like you see at most gyms.

    They’ll start with one challenge then come back doing
    challenge after challenge. Cannot rate high enough.

    RBB Member

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